PerspecX    Lite
Create perspective effects and corrections on images or text.

One option is to specify where any four points on the original  image should move to when creating a distorted  image.

A particular application is to distort an aerial photograph so that all features exactly match the locations of the same features as they appear on a map.

Other distortions are available, such as creating a fractal picture from your image.

Bend and distort selected portions of images or text, using only the outlines of your selected start and finish shapes.

Do this with any number of image portions, and create looping, flowing, and to-and-fro type animations for all portions simultaneously.

Very quick and easy perspective corrections to photographs.
A Freeware version of Sqirlz simplified for beginning users

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Sqirlz   Lite
Sqirlz Morph
Sqirlz Morph provides a more 'traditional' approach to warping/morphing based on the use of control points to mark key image features.

Any number of images can be morphed together.

  Water Reflections
Freeware to add rippling water reflections to images and video clips