Registration Procedure

                               To order PerspecX, please do (or note) the following:

[1]  click on the RegSoft button, which will take you to the PerspecX ordering page at         , who are one of the best-known names in software sales.

[2]  provide RegSoft with your details (eg name, billing address, e-mail address,credit card            number), your preferred method of purchase, and number of licenses required.

[3]  usually within minutes of placing the order, you will receive an order-confirmation e-mail          from RegSoft containing a detailed explanation of what you can expect now that the order       has been submitted - including order-tracking facilities.

[4]  wait until you receive another e-mail from RegSoft containing your registration key for              PerspecX - this is sent once your payment has been accepted, and should be no more          than a few hours after your order was placed.

[5]  using a downloaded copy of PerspecX (which upto now will be unregistered), enter your          registration key using the "Enter Registration Key" command in the Help menu (this               procedure is also described in the e-mail you received in step [4].

Note - if you order by phone, you will need to quote the PerspecX product ID, which is  56202
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