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Water Reflections 2.6
Sqirlz Water Reflections is a way of adding rippling pools of water, and rain or snow effects, to images or existing AVI videos.
The pools can be animated to give lifelike rippling reflections of the scene above them, and can be of any shape.
Choose from a variety of ripple shapes, and control details such as wave size, perspective, water transparency and flow direction.
The raindrops and snow flakes can be adjusted in many ways, including size, speed, direction, transparency and scene depth effects.
Animations can be saved as Macromedia Flash (SWF) files, animated GIF files, AVI video clips, and sets of bitmap, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files.
animated water reflection freeware
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Sqirlz Water Reflections is a 'guide pick' in the Nature and Particle Effects section of the About Graphics Software site
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  New users should also find the tutorials made by Kamal Hafsi helpful - try them!
Downloadable Tutorials (Flash-based)

Basic use of Sqirlz Water Reflections version 1.3  (1.17 Mb)

Creating and Using Baselines (Sqirlz Water Reflections 1.3)  (994 Kb)
Examples on the Web

Many excellent screensavers and wallpapers made using Sqirlz Water Reflections can be seen by clicking the AM Design logo to the right
Version 2 introduced general rainfall and snowfall effects, and the option of adding reflecting areas of water containing circular (ring) ripples like those seen when rain falls onto water.
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See the lovely examples made by Will at  Mobosof
examples 1       examples 2
Also, the superb canoeing scenes by John Luck
Download Sqirlz Water Reflections
now from Tucows (2.0 Mbytes)
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For some beautiful animations of great paintings, see the YouTube work of glorfindello
Version 2.5 supports alpha channel transparency in PNG, BMP and JPEG-2000 image files.