Any image, including text, can be distorted to correspond to a change in perspective.

You can alter perspective by specifying the new position that you want to view the image from, but the real power of PerspecX is in changing perspective by specifying where any four "control" points on an image should move to when creating the distorted image.

A particular application is to distort an aerial photograph so that all features exactly match the locations of the same features as they appear on a map. This is done simply by positioning a marker over four features, such as houses or road crossings, which appear on both photo and map.

Matching an aerial photo with a map is an example of the general procedure of fitting an oblique, or angled, view of some scene to a plan view.

The opposite procedure - distorting the map or other plan-view image so that it matches an oblique-view photo - is also possible.

The flexibility of this approach means you can stay with pure perspective effects, or easily go beyond these to generate "super-perspective" effects by positoning the control points where they don't correspond to a real, "physical", change in viewpoint. "Perspective Strength" can be altered to enhance or reduce these effects, which can include image curvature.

Several non-perspective distortions are available, including turning an image into a complex fractal-like form.

Facilities are provided for easy generation of very high quality transformed images.


Works with any image, including text

Plan view to oblique view

Oblique view to plan view

Distort by easy positioning of four control points

"Super-perspective" effects (eg curvature)

Fractal generation from your image

Very high quality distorted images possible
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